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Costain Consulting

Campaigns, strategy & communication: we have fifteen years experience in strategic and tactical campaigning, PR and communications at national and international level. 


Successful lobbying is about adherence to facts, listening to the opposition, building a watertight case for change, and getting to the right people.  We have helped deliver political change for 15 years, working across a number of ethical sectors, including renewable energy, climate change, animal welfare, agriculture, and action on landmines.

European Parliament, BrusselsWe have great contacts and an excellent working knowledge of the UK and European Parliaments and the European Commission.  We’ve also delivered advice and consultancy services for Isle of Man Government.

We specialise in developing common-sense narratives that persuade politicians and other decision-makers to recognise the sense of your position – and we adapt those messages as new information becomes available in order to help you build the strongest possible case for change.  We will always ensure complex information is distilled into easy-to-handle bullet points and briefings.

How we can help:

  • Auditing your existing advocacy/campaign strategies
  • Developing campaign strategies from scratch
  • Lobbying on your behalf (Westminster, Brussels)
  • Integrating your advocacy and communications planning
  • Developing key arguments and training your own campaigns staff
  • Mobilising grassroots support for your campaign
  • Speaking and representing your campaigning at events

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Please note that decisions about which NGOs and companies we lobby for are driven by our ethical policy.  For more information - please click here