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Climate Response

'Climate Response addresses a most urgent need.' 

Tim Yeo MP, Former chairman of the Energy and Climate change Select Committee.

UK ParliamentRising carbon pollution represents an unacceptable risk to our way of life.

Climate Response supports the scientific consensus, and promotes effective responses to protect our communities and future generations.

Climate Response communicates important impacts of climate change, particularly for centre-right audiences.


There is an overwhelming scientific consensus that human activity is driving climate change. 

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has predicted a nearly inevitable rise of 2C by 2046, with significant consequences for human welfare and ecological systems.  The UK's Parliamentary Committee on Climate Change has recognised the possibility of a 7C rise by 2100, which would be devastating. 

Despite this, climate change scepticism is on the rise in Britain.

Sceptical voices distort climate science and undermine public trust.  These voices are strongest on the right of global politics and are well-funded.  

The need to communicate with the centre-right

To win broad public support for climate action, dedicated efforts are required to develop and channel important and relevant narratives to centre-right audiences.

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 'Irrespective of our politics we need to understand not only the threat that a changing climate poses to our way of life but also the benefits and opportunities that can be achieved by tackling this global 21st century threat. The strategy outlined by Climate Response will play an important part in delivering the required action.

Rear Admiral Neil Morisetti, Former Special Representative for Climate Change at the Foreign Office.