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Costain Consulting

Campaigns, strategy & communication: we have fifteen years experience in strategic and tactical campaigning, PR and communications at national and international level. 

Ethical policy

Decisions about which NGOs and companies we work with are driven by our ethical policy.


We are pleased to work with organisations involved in renewable or low carbon energy production, energy efficiency, sustainable agriculture, or other activities that actively pursue ecological sustainability. 

We will not work with an NGO or company, or advocate any government policy, that contributes to global climate change, in particular the extraction or production of fossil fuels (oil, coal and gas).  We will not support the manufacture of chemicals and technologies that do long term damage to the environment.  We will not support intensive agriculture.  We will however work with subsidiary companies of fossil fuel companies, where the aim is specifically to promote or develop renewable energy.

Human rights

We support the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  We will gladly work with organisations that seek to improve human rights and reduce poverty.

We will not work with NGOs, companies, or governments that infringe, or appear to infringe, basic human rights.  

The use of animals

We will happily with with organisations involved in the development of alternatives to animal experimentation; and sustainable farming methods that promote animal welfare (e.g. free range or organic farming).

We will not work with organisations involved in intensive farming, e.g. caged egg production; animal testing of cosmetic or household products or their ingredients; blood sports, which involve the use of animals to catch, fight or kill other animals; or the fur trade.

Daily working

We aim to have the least possible environmental impact, using low carbon travel options wherever reasonably viable.  We use 100% renewable electricity, supplied by Green Energy UK (Sparkling tariff).  We use only recycled or sustainably sourced paper.  We bank with the Co-operative Bank. 


This ethical policy is not exhaustive, and the shareholders reserve the right to apply and interpret the letter and spirit of this policy in any circumstance not specifically identified above.